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“My Career Starts Now” Seniesa “...

Seniesa Estrada: “My Pro Career Starts Now”
When it comes to a niche sport like female boxing, news travels quickly.  Since the community is relatively


Fresh Faces: Adelaida “La Cobra” Ruiz

Fresh Faces: Adelaida Ruiz
By Felipe Leon
If there is one thing about boxing, it’s the stories.  More than any sport, the stories of fighters, their struggle, and their ups and down


Selina Barrios of San Antonio, Texas

Fresh Faces: Selina Barrios
By Felipe Leon
In female boxing like in a life, there is long road and a short one.  Many say taking shortcuts in life is not the way to go


Claressa Shields & Tori Nelson Ready to Blow ...

Claressa Shields & Tori Nelson Ready to Blow Torch Each Other

By David A. Avila

Tracing the steps of the great American female fighter you have to go back to Christy Martin


Beasts of the East: Best Female Fighters East Coas...

Beasts of the East: Best Female Fighters East Coast
By David A. Avila
With television focusing primarily on female prizefighters of the East Coast



The introduction of women’s boxing in the Olympics was a step forward, as was the emergence of Cecilia Braekhus and other elite competitors who proved that they could, yes, entertain audiences while filling arenas.


The 12 Best Female Fighters on the West Coast

West Coast Breakdown: A Dozen of the Best   By David A. Avila Over the past year female prizefighters from the West Coast have been virtually invisible as television focused on the East. Unlike the boxers from places like New York and New Jersey, those on the west side of the U.S. are mostly smaller […]


The 10 Most Game-Changing Fights of 2017

The 10 Most Game-Changing Fights of 2017

By Felipe Leon


For many the talk of 2017 was how much of a game changing 12 months it was for the sport


Ana Laura Esteche vs Erica Farias in Argentine War

Esteche and Farias close the year with a bang
By Diego Morilla
Undisputed champions are very rare in any division or gender in boxing


Lisa Porter vs Selina Barrios in NABF Title Fight

Selina Barrios vs. Lisa Porter Clash for NABF Title on Friday
By David A. Avila
Prizefighters in the female lightweight division are scarce especially in North America